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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More wood needed.

During the coldest part of winter we use wood to help heat the house.  Nothing is quite so cozy as a wood fire. So last fall we bought a couple of cords to do us.  Because we had planned to spend the coldest part of the winter in Florida we didn't buy much. Those plans got changed and now we are running out.  So today we went in search of more wood.  That was our biggest chore of the day.  We loaded and unloaded about 1/3 cord into the truck then into the backyard. 

I got the baseboard to the computer room painted first and second coat.  The walls have been patched and we are now ready to start painting the ceiling.  I hope we will get a good start on that tomorrow. 

There just seems to be an endless list of stuff we want to do in the house to get it "fixed up".  I am a list person so of course I have my list of what needs to be done.  The problem is for everything we cross off that list, two more things seem to get added. Does it end?

Today was much warmer than yesterday and the snow was melting.  Unfortunately we have winter storm warning for tomorrow.  All that bare ground we are starting to see will be white again within the next 24 hours.  The winters here are usually mild but since I moved here 3 winters ago they have turned nasty.  hmmmmm all you guys in Texas had better hope that I spend my winters in Florida.  It seems I bring the nasty weather. 

January has always been a strange month.  The hype of Christmas is over and spring seems so far away.  I find that month seems to drag.  Once Feb. rolls around the days really pick up.  You start to get nicer weather and spring is just around the corner. It seems that you can now start to get serious about travel plans and they just don't seem so far away. 

Tonight is going to be an evening of researching workamping  and some TV watching.  I hope everyone stays safe and I hope to see you down the road one day soon.

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