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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Braved the cupboards

I did it.  I got the kitchen cupboards cleaned out and purged.  It will be easy to  empty the kitchen into Serenity now.  I also got the master bath done.  Ira had to work all day and I didn't go in until tonight so I had a long time to get things done without him saying ...."no ....I want to keep that."  Ira is the worse pacrat. 

I was talking with my mom today and now my dad has this cold.  So Ira has hit a grand slam.  He nailed the whole family...Mom, Dad, my sister, her husband, me and my daughter.

Men really do think differently than women.  When I moved in here with Ira after we married the first thing I noticed what the lack of storage in the master bath.  The vanity is 19 inches across and of that about 16 inches is sink.  Now I ask you ...where is a girl supposed to put her hair dryer or curling iron?   Where do I  set my makeup  and so on.  I have suggested that we change it out for a wider one with drawers and some counter top.  Ira does not really see the need for it.  When he bought this house he didn't notice the lack of space and he figures that no one else will either.  I have informed him that a female will DEFINITELY notice that lack of space.  I think this house was designed for a single man.  The closet in the master bedroom was only 3 feet across!  And there was only the one.  There wasn't even enough room for all my purses.  No woman would settle for that.  We have since used up some of the floor space and built a double closet in the room. (with the help of my dad.......well actually my dad built it.) Luckily for us it is a large room so we could afford to give some up.  The other bedrooms all have double closets so I think it was rather strange that the master bedroom only has a single.  Oh and we are installing the new vanity in a few weeks.

I saw another flock of geese on a northern flightpath tonight.  My fingers are crossed...maybe an early spring. 

Well that just about sums up  my day.  Not much excitement but one day closer. 95 days to go.

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