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Sunday, January 2, 2011

belated Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year.  I am excited about this new year because I can now say "I am going full time THIS year"  YAY!!

We had a long drive home yesterday.  Spent Christmas up in the snow.  I liked the snow and liked it even more when I left it in Canada.  We don't have any snow here. In fact when we pulled into the drive last night at about 2 AM it was 50+ degrees.  Today I was out raking leaves from the lawn when a flock of Canada geese flew overhead heading north.  Either we are in for an early spring or they have a rotten sense of direction.  I am crossing my fingers for the early spring.  It sure felt like it outside today.

Having spent the past week in snow and ice I was reminded of why I want to follow the sun in an RV.  I spent most of my life in a climate that has snow in the winter and I am ready for a change. 

Ira picked up a cold right before we left for the holidays and he single-handedly took out my whole family.   Now my mother, sister, brother in law, daughter and myself are sick with this cold. The only one left standing is my father.  Of course Ira feels great. 

For the past couple of years we have gone to Florida for at least part of the winter.  This year we are not.  We are dealing with the next step  in my immigration process.  We really can't leave here for any length of time until we get that card  in hand.  My hopes are that we will be done and complete (for 10 years anyway) within the next month.  But I am missing Florida.  We had planned to go anyway but we ended up shelving those plans.  We are staying here until the RV-Dreams rally in April.  I am counting that as our jumping off point to full time.  The house will be on the market and we will be living in Serenity by that time.  So the counter on my desktop says 98 day 7 hours and 48 minutes.  Some very good news in the neighbourhood is that the house on the corner went up for sale and sold in a matter of days.  I think it was very low priced but at least houses are moving. 

The selling of the house is the only thing we have not got control over in this whole process and that makes me nervous.  I wish I could get it on the market now and get it done. Does that make me a control freak?   I have never thought of myself as one but ......maybe.  I do like to have a bit of a timeline.  I like knowing what is coming up.  I don't think we will be the type of full timers that just go and stop with out a schedule.  We will be free wheeling but we will also be making reservations.  I know that takes away some of the spontaneity but we have got a big rig and pets.  So we have to have an idea that where we are going will take both.  Maybe once we are on the road for a bit we will be more relaxed about knowing exactly where we will stop for the night but at first I think we will have a schedule.

We took down the Christmas decorations today.  Some are packed for storage and some for Serenity.  I am taking some things with us so that we can put them up next Christmas where ever we are.  I have one small cupboard that is in an inconvenient place that I can store  the decorations.  It is not a place I would want to try to get into more than once or twice a year so that works out quite well.

Well  that is about all for now.  I am sitting here with a stuffy head that feels like it weighs 25 lbs and a chest that feels like someone has an iron grip on my lungs  so I am going to dope myself up and go to bed.  I hope everyone is feeling better than I.  Good night all.


  1. Hi Ivey! Thank you for following my blog! Our jumping off point is also the RV Dreams rally, but we are leaving earlier, 3/26, to have time to visit family down south first! I know what you mean about the house as well, as we won't be putting it on the market until March. But it does make me frantic thinking about it, and wishing that part of the process was over. I look forward to meeting you and the furkids at the rally!


  2. Feel better soon, Ivey and Ira! It's awful to have a cold over the holidays. We had Christmas decorations for the first time in years since our son was home on leave - normally we're somewhere by a lake, not in our house. But it's back to work today -for 93 more days.

  3. I loved your comment on my blog about tossing your "teacher clothes." Only we teachers know what you're talking about! I have a section of my closet that's going to be empty - like you, I'm taking them to the thrift shop.