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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hello everyone

It has been a long time since my last post and the sad thing to say is that there really isn't much to catch up on.  When one first starts out on this lifestyle everyone (including us) thinks every day will be one exciting adventure after another. (and some days are) but more days than not we live our life much like we always have. We just do it from an RV instead of a stix and bricks. It is hard to write about what we are doing. We are living. Now we are planning our summer trip and things are getting exciting again.

When we last spoke we did not have residency set up yet and we were still in Pensacola.  Well, we did get everything settled, we now both have 8 year Florida DL and the truck and Serenity sport Fl plates.  AND the best part - we can get cheap Disney World tickets. 

We have had a beautiful winter here.  The weather has been great and we have spent lots of time in the pool and hot tub.  We are both sporting nice tans to prove it too.

My parents managed to get down here for 6 weeks and we enjoyed spending time with them.  It is too bad they couldn't stay longer. But they are back in Canada again and we miss them. 

Here are our plans for the summer. So far, and as any full timer knows, everything is written in Jello, the plan is to leave here around the 20th of April, head to New Orleans for a week, meander across Texas (with a stop in San Antonio to walk the river walk) head north on the eastern side of the Rockies and on up into Canada for the summer.  We plan to spend some time in Vegas, The Grand Canyon , Arches National Park, and Yellowstone.  Of course there will be other stops along the way.  Once in Alberta we will be heading to my sons house were we plan to moochdock for the summer.  I supported him for 20 years so he can me for 2 months right?  I thought that sounded fair.  Two of my boys live in the same area of Alberta and I am quite excited that my daughter is also flying out from the east coast to join us for a week in July. 

I would love to head back to Florida by way of heading east through Canada and then south down the eastern coast but that all depends on the price of fuel and what the timing is.  Ira has a Dr. appt in late Sept that he needs to make.  We can call and put it off for a few weeks into Oct but we do need to make it back by then. 

We had a little scare this winter with a spot of cancer on Ira's head. He had it removed and the Dr. said there is a 95% chance of 100% removal.  The Dr. feels very good about the procedure but we do have to come back for follow up checks. 

We are both loving Florida for a winter month state and even though we are excited about moving on for our summer adventure we are feeling good about heading back here for the winter.  We are in the Orlando area which gives us easy access to Tampa, Daytona and of course Orlando. 

Life is great isn't it. 

Talk to you all soon and until then safe travels.