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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Rain

It is strange to read all these blogs about the heat.  We are definitely not suffering that fate.  In fact there has been so much rain that Serenity is thinking on converting to an ark.  It is just one of those summers.  They happen. 

Other than run out for some groceries and to mail a few postcards to my grandchildren we didn't do much.  After I mailed the postcards I realized that I had forgotten to pick up a birthday card for my grandson Nathan. He  turns 3 later this month.  The post office depot in inside the pharmacy so I ran over to the card section and found a cute one for him.   I took it to the table signed it with love, put the address on it, stamped it and sealed it.  I was about to give it to the girl to mail it when Ira asked me if I planned to pay for the card.  Luckily they had another one that I took to the cash.  How tacky it would be to send my grandson a stolen birthday card.

Stay safe out there everyone and see you down the road one day soon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still in Canada

Wow I can't believe it has been nearly another month.  Time is flying by so quickly.  We are still moochdocking but now in Moncton at my parents.  We have been busy.  Where to start.........

- we were only here a few days when we got a call from sister in St. John.  She is keeping the big dogs for us. Well - late one night they got into a "discussion" with a porcupine.  We ended up having to take Troy into the vet.  $240.00 later we took him home. He was still groggy from being under for the removal process. 

He needed some help to stand up.  As he stood he would gradually lean over until he either fell or caught himself.

We got him to lie down finally in the shade and he began to lean again.




Will he learn from all of this?? I doubt it.  Oh and Troy is a Golden Retreiver not a lab.  We got both him and his sister Shayla shaved for the summer.  It has made such a BIG difference in the amount of hair they shed in the 5er.  They also swim in the pond on Debby's property and they don't drag so much dirt and water in.

 - We spent a foggy rainy day at Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia.  In spite of the day I love the shore and enjoyed it. 

The lighthouse..........

The harbour............

Ira and Kristi (my daughter)  The plastic bag in her hand is a cover to proctect her camera from the rain. 

We did some reno in the 5er -  maybe I should rephrase that - my DAD did some reno in our 5er.  We helped.  He divided some of our larger cupboards by putting dividers in.  We had a lot of cupboards that look like individual ones but when you open them up they were all one inside.  Well Dad put partitions in them so that things don't slide from one cupboard to the next.  The biggest thing we did was to rip out the carpeting in the main living area and replace it with laminate flooring.  A ton of work!!

First we rip out the old carpet.

Then we start laying the new flooring. 

We are nearly done.  Most of the floor is down and just edging to be done.

After 3 days Dad finally pounds in the last nail on the trim.  The floor is done and looks so much better.

When we started we had to remove a small cupboard from the floor in the back of the trailer that sits between the two recliners.  We just shoved it under the table to get it out of the way until we needed to reinstall it.  Jack thought it was great and just his size.....

Sunset at my parents place. Look at the colours in that sky.

Today we had to make a run back into the US.  We have a one year travel health insurance policy that covers us when we travel into  Canada. It is good for a year but only for 70 days at a time.  After that we have to step back into the US to triger it again.  So that was today.  It wasn't too bad a drive.  Only about 3 hours and on the way back we stopped into St. Andrews.  It is a small resort area on the Bay of Fundy.  I have been there before and always loved it so it was great to get back there again.  It is too bad it was raining but I love the shore and in spite of the rain I enjoyed it.

Tonight is a lazy night of movie watching.  So chat at you later and see you down the road somewhere.