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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to work

I felt much better today so  I went in to work.  Not sure I am happy to be back but soon it will be all done. 

We didn't get much done today.  Mostly just little things like cleaning out a corner or a closet and sorting stuff for donation or keep.  I love opening a closet door and finding it empty.  I keep looking just to enjoy the sight.  The two spare rooms are done as to the point of staging but of course will have to be emptied after we sell.  The donation pile is getting bigger I am pleased to say.  We will soon be making another run to Salvation Army. 

The kitchen is nearly finished and is looking good.  We still have to replace the flooring but as I said before that is a next paycheck job.  Besides getting the house ready for viewing it is just nice to have it clean and feel that it is getting sorted.  We keep opening a drawer, finding something and saying............oh yea....that is where I put that!  Of course now that I have found it (whatever it may be) the chances are I don't need it anymore.

Tomorrow I will start emptying the kitchen cupboards and sorting the stuff in there.  I know ..... I am shaking just thinking about it.  The back of those cupboards are scary spots.  Don't know what I am going to find in there.  Probably find that I don't need groceries as bad as I think I do.

I would like to congratulate my daughter on her promotion at work.  I hope she realizes how proud of her I am.  Of course this will come with a pay raise which is always nice too.  Way to go sweetie.

Dee I can sympathize with you about the stink beetle findings.  We have them too.  No matter how many I find and flush I always find more.  I don't ever find droves of them .....just one or maybe two.   I don't know there they are hiding but there seem to be a never ending supply of them. 

That is about all for me for today. Just another quiet day slowly getting closer and closer to our dream.


  1. Probably a good thing if it's going slowly at this point - you only have 3 months left!! Lucky duck! When I am reading your post, I am dreaming of the day when we are at the point you are!! :) Good luck with those kitchen cupboards. :)

  2. The stink bugs are much worse this year we think. We got them in MD in Sept/Oct and have carted them all the way to FL with us. We drown 5-6 daily. Hate them!!