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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is it Spring?

Today was beautiful.  It truly made one believe in summer again.  It felt so good to just go outside and feel the heat of the sun on your face.  There is still snow in the back yard but it goes down daily.  This type of weather is really making us both anxious to get going.  I know that we are still going to get colder weather and that winter is not totally over yet but just for today it was easy to imagine we were hooking up to Serenity and heading out.  (we actually took our lunch out there and ate it in her)

We took more stuff to the storage bin today.  We also talked to the real estate agent today again.  We have 90% settled on a price.  We are going to set our price a bit low so to attract the largest amount of lookers in the first few weeks.  We  could probably put a higher price on it and get it but we wonder if it is worth the extra time it would take to sell.  The sooner we sell the sooner we stop mortgage payments and hit the road. (not to mention less taxes too)  It looks like we will be putting it on the market in about a month from now. 

I have come down with a cold.  My lungs are so conjested and my voice is gone.  I alternate between a soprano and deep bass when I talk.  When I try to holler to the dogs they just ignore me.  My little shih-tzu  keeps looking at me strangely.  I think he is thinking that I look like his "mommy" but where did that voice come from.  I have had to turn down a couple of days of work.  I just can't imagine me trying to teach a class of active Kindergarten kids with my voice like this.  It has been like this for 2 days now.  I am going to give it the weekend and if it isn't better I will head to the Dr.  I hope it just comes back on it's own.

Bye for now all and stay safe out there.

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