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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update on real estate

Well the agent was here earlier..............seeing as it is after midnight here now, that would make it yesterday according to the dates.  Anyway we had slightly over estimated on what we could ask for our house.  It isn't bad but it would be nice to get a few thousand more.  Oh well we can't control the market.  We are going to put in on and hope for the best.  Jessica I was thinking of you when we were discussing price and how you had to settle for less than you wanted on  your condo.  We will get more than what we owe - we are not in an upside down situation - just not as much more as we hoped. 

Anyway the house goes on at the end of March or the first week in April depending on weather.  There is not much more we have to do for projects....just the bathroom vanity and the kitchen floor.  On the upside I did make a big dent in sorting my sewing room.  

As many of us have found out, when sorting rooms things have to get worse before they get better, so in that spirit my sewing room is in the worse stage now.  I have always though of each room having two different "levels" of clean.  There is the upper level.  That is the area you see.  Table tops, counters, book shelves etc.  Then there is the lower level, the behind closed doors level... you know in the cupboards, in drawers and closets.  This is the area that is getting cleaner in each room.  Unfortunately this is also the area you don't see.  So even though many of the rooms look messier they really are cleaner. Hmmm ....I should have thought of that when I was younger and my mom would tell me to go clean up my room.  That might have been a good "out", if she bought it. ;)

It is late here and I have to work tomorrow.  Good night everyone and have a great day tomorrow.

See you soon in a campground somewhere.


  1. I'm very glad you weren't in the upside down situation. That is not fun at all!! Glad that you don't have to do a lot more remodeling though! :)

  2. You are moving right along and that's good. I'm in the things are messier than usual because of the clean out stage and can total relate to two levels of clean. Somehow I never seem to get to level #2 unless I'm moving. :-)

  3. As my daughter is buying our house, I didn't have to get everything out. A lot I left for her or to use until/if we ever need it.

    Cute grandkids!

  4. Ivey, we are fortunate in that we have no mortgage on our house. We are also doing work that our agent has suggested in order to gain the best price in this market. The last 3 days have been spent by me in de-greaing the kitchen cabinets in order to paint. Yuck! And Al has spent 3 days cleaning/sorting the basement..another yuck! But our reward shall be a month "vacation" traveling, getting used to the trailer and the lifestyle, before reporting to our first workamping job! I am so excited, but also lose it now and then, thinking about leaving my brother and sister. Ups and downs, right?