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Monday, February 7, 2011

another week

So did everyone watch the football game yesterday?   I did not.   Being Canadian my game is hockey and since moving to the US I find I miss it.  However, Ira enjoys the game so of course it was on.  We went to Ira's sisters to watch it.  Elaine and I watched a movie while the guys enjoyed their game.  And of course way too much food.  Food was good, movie was good and company was good.  In my opinion that makes for a good evening.

Not much more has been done on the full timing front.  We are still sorting out the house and trying to decide what is going with us.  That is a hard thing to do.  We are both still in the mindset of "we should keep that because we might need it someday".  You cannot have that attitude and live in a RV.  It is difficult to just toss or donate or sell things you have been keeping for the day you will need it, even though I know we will feel so much better after.  I got rid of a lot of stuff before I moved from the west coast to the east when Ira and I got married.  I know how freeing it feels to not be owned by stuff, but the frugal part of me says if I get rid of that and need it again someday I will just have to buy it again and that is a waste of money;  It is such a delicate balance and the constant decisions that have to be made makes my "brain" tired.

Yesterday was the first nice day we have had for a long time so we took advantage of it and got the yard partially cleared.  Broke up some ice that had built up in the driveway and opened up Serenity.  There was snow on her roof that was melting so we took a look inside to make sure we didn't have any leaks.  It all looked good inside and felt good to walk around inside her.  We are going to be very comfortable living in her.  I stored the Christmas stuff I am taking with us and found I still have room for more.  (Not taking any more though)

Out next project is the master bath.  We have to replace a vanity in that room.  We have everything we need and we will start that this week - soon as we have a few days off in a row.  After that we do the kitchen floor and all the major projects are done, We are planning to talk to a real estate agent later this week and get his opinion on the value of the house.  We have an idea of what we want for it and fingers are crossed that he agrees.

Well I am off to work today.  The elementary school is calling me.  Have a good day everyone and maybe we will meet in a campground one day soon.  The day is getting closer!


  1. Boy, can I ever appreciate what you are going through. I have ended up doing the purge at least 4 times, it took that long to whittle things down. Now we have a storage unit in TN and know we will build a cabin, we're buying & saving more stuff. LOL!

  2. Wow! It sounds like you have a lot going on right now - with purging, packing, and remodeling. I hope that all of our fixin' up is done by the time we arrive at the last few months!! Good luck with the realtor!! :)

  3. Ivey, we are on the same track just about! We have carted, I think, 5 dumpsters out of the house so far. My problem is I wonder if I'm purging to much...almost everything we are taking with us is in the Cougar, except what we need these last 7 weeks, and there is so much empty space! We actually had our realtor come in at the end of the summer to give us ideas and what to do to spruce up, and that is what we're working on now. Good luck with yours!