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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The ups and downs

A comment was made on my last post about the ups and downs of changing lifestyles.  Do I ever know that one!  One minute I am so excited about the lifestyle that I feel as if I am going to just burst and the next I am scared to death.  One day I am totally into the whole thing and the next I feel physically sick at the thought of  just "hitting the road".   I have seriously wondered if we are crazy.  I know others have had these feelings too, but that doesn't seem to help when I am in the midst of an "are we crazy" day.

I worry about selling the house.  Will it sell?  Will we be sitting her next year at this time still hoping?  Will we  get a good price for it?  Then the next day I am confident that we will be travelling by summer.  Some times the turn around from one mood to the next is so fast my head spins.  I am anxious to put the house on the market (6 more weeks) and then I am dreading it too.  There is no control over the sale of the house and I am not comfortable with that.  It is the only part of the whole process that is out of our control.  How am I going to get through it? 

If I am still sane at the end of all this I hope  we will meet at a campground somewhere down the road. And if I am not.......I  will be the one sitting outside my rig wearing a straight jacket!!!

Bye for now


  1. Your feelings are normal...and I think we've all experienced them at some point. You are correct that there are some things which are out of your control, but I believe you still have the power to significantly influence the outcome. While you can't force someone to walk in and make an offer, you do have opportunities to increase your chances for success, like staging your house appropriately, pricing your house according to the market (not what you think it's worth), and always keeping it in show condition no matter how much of a pain that is. No doubt there will be some frustrating times, but you will get through it by taking it one day at a time. Just remember what your working towards. All the hard work will be worth it. Good luck!

  2. Know those feelings well. Even the things I think I have control over seem to take forever and I wonder if there is actually an end. If I can do all this.

    I look around at all there is to do and one day am pretty blue since it looks like there is no way. And other times I tell myself it's just a matter of time.

    But Gypsy is right. If I stop looking ahead and just do today as well as I can, there is less frustration. At least for me. I "think" :-)

  3. I am in the same situation as you, with my house newly listed and moving to fulltiming. Believe me, I am not a patient person when it comes to waiting for something I want.

    But, the nice thing is, all of this is temporary. Before we know it, we will be living our dreams and this will be history.

    I think that it is a good sign to be a little scared. It means that we are thinking through our big lifestyle change.