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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More baby steps

Finally the snow is going.  It is mostly gone in the front yard but we need warmer and longer sunshine to get the back yard clear.  It is happening though.  It won't be long now and ...dare I say it.....spring will be here. 

We are 6 weeks away from putting the house on the market and things are getting slowly done.  We finished the master bath in the past week.  We put a new vanity in there...........if you remember the old one was so small and had no storage.  I always had to put my curling iron and hair dryer in the sink.  There was about an inch and a half around the sink to set things.  Now I have room for both the iron and dryer and my makeup as well. Not to mention drawers to keep it all in.  So much nicer.  I just don't know why we waited so long to do it?  This should have been done 2 years ago. 

We have decided that we are also going to change out the small vanity in the powder room on the lower level.  The one we took from the master is just the right size for that room and in better shape than the one in there. 

Then we tackle the last major project............the kitchen floor.  Once that is complete all we need to do is pack up what we are not using for staging or in Serenity and take it to our storage room. 
We rented the storage unit today.  Our original plan was to check out what was available at the storage place.  We had scouted out 4 or 5 places last fall and decided that the Leesport place met our needs the best.  Today we went in to see what was available for 1 March.  She had a 5 x 10 available for 70 a month and a 5 x 15 for 50 a month.  No I didn't type that backward.  The 5 x 15 was cheaper.  Go figure.   We decided on the 5 x 15 of course and told her we would pay the first few months up front.  Then she told us that if we paid for March that we could have the rest of Feb.  free.  So we rented our storage unit today.  We can finally start getting the stacks of boxes out of the house. 

It is getting closer and closer.  Now that the weather is getting better we are getting more and more anxious to get into Serenity.  It is hard to read some of the blogs I am following and to see all the fun they are having while I am still sitting here.  It gets frustrating and I want to just get out of here.  I know my time is coming but like a child just before Christmas..... Santa can't come fast enough. 

What about all you out there?  Especially all of the wannabes and gonnabes?  Do you get the same feeling?  Sometimes I just have to shut the computer down and do something else. 

My turn is coming and soon I will be meeting you in a campground somewhere.  Until then stay safe and watch out for the other guy.


  1. Sounds like things are moving right along! Our day is still too far away for me to feel that anticipation yet. I am excited at the thought of RV shopping next year though!!

    I am envious that your snow is melting. We probably still have 3 or 4 feet easy, maybe more in the back yard where the snow drifts are. Unless we have a MAJOR warm up, I think we will easily have snow into April.

  2. Interesting to hear about your storage space. I've decided on a 5X10 but because of some of the things I'm storing and the humidity in Virginia, I need climate controlled so it is costing me $105 a month and I wonder why in the world I'm storing anything. Couldn't I replace it for a year's worth of rental? Hard to let go of some things. Sometimes I wonder if I'm sane enough to make a life on the road :-)


  3. Are you saving furniture too in case you come off the road?
    Love your blog!!