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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The adventure continues.  We have headed south.  After hearing the news that my father was doing so well after his surgery we decided to move on further south.  After such a wet rainy past 4 months I am still looking for summer.  I know it is October but hope springs eternal.

We stopped for a few days at Stoney Creek Campground just outside Staunton.  The dogs loved it.  They got to run and swim themselves to near exhaustion.

They had a blast swimming out to fetch the ball.  The ball belongs to Shayla and she definitely does NOT want her brother having it.

They love to run and we hope to keep them fit and trim.

We took an afternoon to explore the Skyline drive and Endless Caverns.  It is the first time I have ever gone into caves like this.  It was fascinating.

This the first shot I took as we entered the caverns.

I wish I could take pictures that did the place justice.  I am sure you know what I mean.  You see something and it takes your breath away but when you take the picture it never looks quite as good.

Today we are in Williamsburg at a much smaller campground.  It is very well cared for, cute and very clean.  It is close to everything, shopping, dining, entertainment, railway tracks............  We don't get much sleep at night.  We are here to visit some old friends of Ira's - Don and Elizabeth.  We went out to Olive Garden with them last night.  It was great to meet them and we had a wonderful time getting to know them and recalling old time.  (for Ira anyway).  Ira served with Don many years ago.

Today we are heading out to visit historic Jamestown.  My first time in this area so I am sure it will be very interesting.

Have a great day everyone.  May we meet somewhere down the road.


  1. Wishing we were southbound also..be safe...love your pics of the dogs...we used to breed show and raise golden retrieves..and also had a girly identical to kisa....small world...enjoy!

  2. You've been in my old stompin' grounds. We lived in the foothills of the mountains just south and east of Staunton and of course had never visited that park. Looks like a nice place where everyone had a good time.

    Williamsburg is a place I never get tired of. Sorry about the railroad tracks. I know what you mean and have commented many times on the liklihood of train tracks being by RV parks.

    Would love to get your advice on Nova Scotia, New Brunswick camping. Hpe to do that next summer/fall.


  3. We love Golden Retrievers. We didn't know what great dogs they were until we no longer had a house to keep one. You're brave having two of them in an RV!

    Some things just don't photograph well. I can never take a good picture of a large Live Oak tree. They never quite look as pretty as in person.