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Friday, October 14, 2011

Charleston SC

Well here we are sitting in Charleston SC.  This is my first visit to the city although Ira has been here before when we was in the Navy.  The first thing we did when we crossed the state line was stop into the visitor center.  We picked up what we could find in the way  of information on this area.  There were some on visits and tours of plantations.  I would like to see a couple. 

On our way here we stopped one night at a Walmart.  We needed groceries anyway so we decided to do the shopping and sleeping at one stop.  I was in bed at 8:30 and slept till 7:30.  That is a direct result of spending 5 days sleeping 100 feet from a railway track that had huge lumbering coal trains running about every 30 minutes all night.  Every time one went by the trailer shook and the noise drowned out the TV unless we turned it up full blast. 

We are in Lake Aire Campground which is much more remote and much quieter.  You can hear a train go by once in a while but it is much further away and much more infrequent.  Right now the place seems to be quite full but I am hoping that tomorrow with the end of a long weekend many or most of the people here will move on. 

Fast forward a week..................... I am amazed at how many people are still RVing.  It is mid October and school is in yet this park is still nearly full every night.  Every morning lots leave and the place fills up again.  I really thought we would be seeing lots of vacant spots by now. It also surprises me how many other full timers there are out there.  We have run into quite a few at every campsite we have come to.  I guess there are more people living this unconventional lifestyle than I thought.

We made a new friend today.  We went to the Charleston Tea Plantation and met this little guy:

He was quite happy to pose for a photo opp.  This is the first time I have ever seen an alligator in the wild. 

Yesterday we went over to tour the USS Yorktown.  It is an old WWII aircraft carrier.  About 90% of the ship is open to run around in so it was very  interesting. 

While we were there we were also able to go aboard an old sub that was tied up.  Wow those spaces were tight.  I just can't imagine trying to live and work in such tight quarters.  The galley gives a whole new meaning to SMALL kitchen.  Mind you when I was young enough to actually serve on board one of those things I didn't take up quite so much room.  Maybe that would make a difference. 

Torpedios ready for launch!!

We also spent an evening driving around old Charleston.  I wish we could have gotten out and walked more but we couldn't find a spot big enough to park that monster truck of ours.

Here are some shots of what we did get to see:

This is an entryway into a hotel.  I think this is so romantic.  It just needs a horse and buggy.

Tomorrow we are on the move again.  See ya'll down the road.


  1. My guess is that all the folks moving in and out of the nearly full campground are snow birds moving south. Glad to hear you aren't having trouble finding places to stay.

    There are definitely many more full timers than any of us thought before we knew anything about it. :-)

    Did you make it from Williamsburg to Charleston in one day? That seems like a long drive.


  2. We stopped for the night in a Walmart parking lot. We needed groceries so we took advantage.

  3. your in one of our fav areas...sure wish we hadn't missed you folks when you were here in NB..:(....we have RV hookups right here on our property please let us know the next time your in the area...travel safe!!!

  4. I think Sherry is right. Most of those people are probably heading towards Florida. It always amazes me when we're on the interstates in Florida how many rv's are heading south during the winter. Sometimes we count them for a while and can count hundreds in an hour!!