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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Still in Pensacola

Our two weeks in Pensacola are over but we had to extend...........for how long?  Who knows. We finally got the plates for the truck, Ira got his DL and a few days later I was able to get mine.  I really don't know how I got mine but I am not going to worry about it.  I got one and that is the important thing.  We had set up everything to use our mail forwarding as our "residence".  Shortly before we arrived Florida changed the law to state they will no longer accept the mail forwarding address as our residence.  When Ira got his DL the receipt from the campground was proof of residency and that along with a quickly changed  bank statement was all he needed.  When I went to the DMV to get mine (being a non-citizen I had to go to the DMV to get my license rather than the tax collector where Ira got his).  At the DMV they told me they would not take the CG receipt.  HOWEVER they would take the out of state tags from the truck with our Pa address on it.  I still am not sure why a document with a Pa address was proof of residency in Florida.  But I was not going to argue.  When I got to the counter the girl there took the CG receipt as my proof.  Go figure! The long and short of it is -  I got my license.  Or at least a paper version of it.  The actual one will come in the mail. 

In order to get the tags for the truck and Serenity we had to have the paper copy of the title.  Pa only keeps the titles on electronic file.  We asked them to fed ex us the paper copy of both titles.  They sent the truck one to us by fed ex (which we got the next day) and the trailer one by snail mail to the tax collector.  Why they just didn't put them both in the same envelop!  So now we wait for snail mail to deliver it to the tax collector.  In all this mess I will say the people at Janet Holley tax collectors on Navy Ave. have been more than helpful.  They have to stay within the laws of course but they have done everything they could to get us set up.  They have been a pleasure to deal with.  Even though we are not set up yet whenever we leave that place we leave with a smile on our face.

The weather here has been great.  The nights are cool.  We leave the heat off in Serenity and just use the electric blanket.  The days have been sunny in the mid 70s to low 80s.  There is a slight breeze from the water that really keeps it nice. 

We have been so happy with the dogs.  They are really behaving themselves.  There hasn't been a sound from them when we go out.   Even when we are here they are starting to ignore other dogs that are being walked around.  When ever we go out anywhere we block  access to the upper bedroom, close the blinds, close the windows, turn on the air and the TV.  I have checked with neighbours when we come home and they tell me they didn't hear anything from them while we were gone.  Sometimes they will bark when they hear us outside again but that is fine.  They are just excited to see us home again.  I think this is going to work out well having the animals with us.  It also gets us out walking more. 

That is just about all from Pensacola and I hope we will be heading off to Ocala in the next week.  Hope to get a chance to meet up one day down the road.  Drive carefully out there.


  1. Where in Ocala? We may be at Silver River SP on the 9th of Nov.

  2. What a palaver with the DMV etc. You have all those fur kids in your RV? I would love a little dog like your Kisa, but the time is not right for us at the moment. Happy Travels.