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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The story begins......

It has been an interesting few days.   We were supposed to close on Wednesday at 11.  It got postponed until 3:30.  Then again until Thursday at 2.  Of course we were ready to go on Wednesday so having to sit for one more day was stressful.  There is always that little fear at the back of your mind that things might just go sideways at the final hour.  We didn't sleep much on the Wednesday night.  I was up at 5 restless and ready to pull out of the driveway.

Finally 2 rolled around and we arrived at the office to sign things over.  It happened ...............finally.  We no longer owned a house.  We were houseless..........not homeless.  The first feeling I had was "OMG what have I done!!!!"  It really was scary.  What if we don't like this life.  I think the stress and lack of sleep was hitting us. 

However we went back to our ex-house and hitched up Serenity (who was now parked in someone elses yard) and headed out.  It was 5:01 Thursday May 26 that we officially started to roll.  We headed north. 

We drove until after midnight and finally stopped at a rest area somewhere near Boston.  It was right on the highway of course and very noisy but we did manage to get a few hours sleep. 

Friday was sunny and HOT.  We continued our drive to Maine and arrived at our campsite around 2.  We were tired and hot and we couldn't get the hitch to release.  We tried pulling forward and backing up.  No matter what it just wouldn't release.  Finally we just decided we were not going to unhitch.  We were too hot and stressed to deal with it so we finished setting up everything else and went in for a cold drink and to sit in an air conditioned 5er for a while.  Once we relaxed a bit we decided to tackle it again.  One of our neighbours came over to offer some help.  Of course once other men detected someone with a problem they all came over.  It didn't take long to get it done.  We unhitched finally.  I felt better then.  It seems that we are not supposed to take the weight off the truck before releasing the jaws. Who knew.   It was the opposite with the little Jayco we owned before.  We hope we have this little problem solved and as today is moving day we will soon know.

On our drive up here we stayed on the interstate all the way.  The roads were so bad we bounced everything in Serenity all over the place.  Good thing we strapped the TV down tightly.  It was so bad even one of the blades on the ceiling fan broke off.  Good thing I wanted to replace that one anyway with one with a light in it.  Looks like it is going to happen sooner than later.  Everything had moved and bounced.  The shower head fell and broke the little loop thing holding it to the wall.  Something else we have to replace.  Sheesh. Wonder how it would have been if we had of left the interstate for some back roads!  I shudder to think.  Today we move again.  This time we are not so stressed and we feel better (read more rested) with everything about this life.    We will cross the border later this afternoon. 

So until next time stay safe and watch out for the other guy.

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  1. Congrats! Boy can we relate to your feelings - we pulled out of our driveway Wed at 4:00. We closed on Friday all went as schedule. Good luck and maybe we can meet up sometime and compare notes and have a few laughs over a cool one.