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Monday, May 23, 2011

almost there

Wow the past two weeks have gone by fast.  I can't believe we pull out in just two more days..... or as the kids say 2 more sleeps :)  I made our first reservations today.  The first of many.  We are heading up north to Maine and plan to stay there for 2 nights.  Then we cross the border into NB.  I am so excited and still a bit stressed.  Still having those mixed feelings..... I am sure you know the ones.....excitement mixed with the "oh no what have I done?" feelings.  I am waiting for the feeling of relief we will have when we roll out of the yard on Wednesday.  We have been living in Serenity for nearly 2 months now and I must say we really havn't noticed a huge difference from living in the 2500 sq foot house.  I guess that shows just how much of the house we actually used. 

We have been so busy.  The house is empty, repairs are done and addresses have been changed.  We are going to domicile in Florida so our new address is out of Pensacola.  Maybe I can get cut rates on Walt Disney tickets now. 

We had our yearly dentist check ups and I am happy to say our teeth are shiney white and we don't have any need for further work. 

We went out for a farewell breakfast with some friends.  As excited as I am to roll it is hard to leave friends.  We will be back and I know we will hook up again.  In fact we are going to be back in the area for the RV Dreams rally in Hershey in Sept. 

I have been driving around the area doing some photography.  I am planning to do a photo journal of our travels and the adventure starts here.  It has been fun to see places with an eye for pictures.  I am having fun playing with the camera and learning what it will do.  Here is some of what I have taken so far.

Blue Marsh Lake

I wish they had over night camping around this lake but unfortunately it is only day use. 

This is Reading at night.  We went up to the pagoda which sits on a hill overlooking the city.  Such a nice view.

The edge of the pagoda with a cherry tree in bloom. 

Union Canal hiking trail.  Easy wide walks.  Perfect for the beginner like me.  I would like to take the bikes out there for a ride before we leave, if it ever stops raining long enough.  At least with all this rain we know Serenity doesn't leak!

Until we meet somewhere down the road .......stay safe and have a wonderful week.

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