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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting closer and closer

My daughter flew home today after spending the past week visiting.  We had a great time taking photos and exploring the area together.  It was nice to see the area through new eyes.  We spent a day in Philadelphia exploring history and a day in Atlantic City exploring shops.  Both days had great photo ops for us.  It was sad for me to see her leave today but I will see her in a few weeks when we leave here and head north to Canada to spend some time there. 

As full timers Canada will be our first destination.  After that who knows but we will end up in Florida for the winter.  That is going to be our state of domicile and we will need to get drivers licences and plates for the truck and trailer.  We have already set up mail forwarding out of Pensacola using the service provided by Good Sams RV club.

We have been busy getting the last things done here.  There were a few things that came up with the inspections and we have one last thing to fix which will be done next week.  After that we just have to wait for closing.  The inspections went quite well.  We really had very little to take care of and for that we are thankful.  We realize how lucky we are to not be in an upside down situation as so many are. 

Tomorrow we are planning to take the dogs for rabies shots.  It is required to take them across the border and even though we have never been asked to produce proof of rabies shots the one time I didn't have the proof would be the time I got asked.  We have also been camped here in the driveway since getting home from Tennessee around the 20th of April and we are in dire need of dumping the tanks.  Serenity has her back wheels crossed!!  So after the rabies shots we hitch up and haul her up to Cabelis to give her a good inside cleaning. 

We are both looking forward to the day we roll out the driveway for the last time.  As I was warned I am feeling mixed emotions as we wait for the last day.  One minute I feel goosebumps and the next nerves take over and I am scared to death.  When Ira and I first talked about doing this I was sure this was what I wanted.  I was told that it is common to have the "are we crazy" thoughts and I was sure that I would never have those.  Well......guess what thoughts are going through my mind?  However, I know these too will pass and the day we roll out the driveway will be amazing.

Counting down the days.  See you soon somewhere down the road.


  1. I'm glad things are going so great with your house sale! It won't be long and you will be on the road!! :)

  2. Judging from how things are going with you two I am thinking it wont be long 'til you are on the road with us. I am so excited for your new 5er. Nearly as excited as I was when we got ours.

  3. You're moving right along Vicki. I was sure I wouldn't have those jitters either, but whe everyone was gathered, family and friends, that lay weekend, it sure wa hard! A house is just a house, though; home is where Al and my dogs are :-). Best wishes for an on-tome closing!