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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Settled but no internet

It has been a few days since posting.  I had really intended to post as often as possible once we hit the road but right now we do not have Internet and using a borrowed computer is not always convenient. 

We are parked at my sisters place in St John New Brunswick.  Unfortunately she does not have wireless so we can't just tap into her Internet and I have to come inside to use her computer.  Right now she is working so I have time to just sit and read or type. 

The weather is great but a bit cooler than I am used to and the bugs...well ......lets just say I had forgotten how much of a pain they could be. 

My mother was admitted to the hospital they day we arrived so the first day my sister and I spent in Moncton at the hospital.  She is feeling better now but we still don't know when they are going to let her go home.  I hope today but we shall just have to wait and see.

Ira and I are finally just getting to relax and we can feel the stress just slipping away.  What a great feeling.  I know we are going to love this life.  We have spent the past few days repairing the stuff that broke on the nasty roads up to here and reorganizing so it doesn't happen again.  The learning curve is quite steep right now.  Have we missed our house and property in Pa?  Not yet we don't.  The dogs are loving it here.  They get to run around loose and play with the horses and chase the barn cats.  Not sure the cats enjoy it as much as the dogs but they definitely give them a run for their money and the cats are never in any danger of getting caught.  The dogs wouldn't hurt them if they did catch them.  They just want to play. 

Today we plan to go into the city and explore there.  I don't know St John very well so it will be fun.

Hope we can meet somewhere down the road soon.  Until then drive carefully and watch out for the other guy.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! :) I hope you had a great day! :)