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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RV-Dreams rally - pt 2

Fist of all I want to let all my followers know what a joy it has been to meet a lot of you at the rally.  It is a thrill to hear "I know you....I follow your blog."  Thank you, all of you, for that.

We are having a great time here at the rally.  The seminars are so informative. As Linda or Howard are talking I can't count the number of times I have though "Oh yea I know that feeling" or "that is so us".  It is quite a relief to see that so many others have experienced or are experiencing the same feelings, problems or concerns that we have.  I have enjoyed to talking to other couples that have "hit the road" anywhere from 2 weeks ago to 10 years ago.  They have such stories to tell.  Soon as the house sells we will be able to add our stories to the mix as well.

I have deliberately not mentioned how the house sale is going.  We have had some interest but I don't want to jinx anything so I am not going to talk about it.  Rest assured that the minute we are under  contract you will know.  I will be shouting it from the rooftop. 

So far Serenity is doing..........well not as well as we had hoped.  Just last night before we left for the welcome dinner the toilet broke.  When we pumped water in to flush instead of the water going into the toilet it went straight up in the air.  Now I don't know much about trailers and their toilets but somehow I think that is a bad thing.  A couple of our wonderful RV-Dreams neighbours came over to lend us a hand but we just cannot fix it here ourselves.  We need a new part and that is going to wait until we get back to Reading.  Until then we are using a bucket to flush with. It could be worse and I know if that is the only thing that goes wrong we are lucky. 

Yesterday was not as nice and summery as it has been with wind and rain but today the sun is back.  It is in the high 60s /low 70s today so I am happy. 

Ira is at a seminar about internet on the road.  I didn't go because most of what they talk about will be over my head anyway.  Ira will understand what is being said and he will decide what we are going to use.  As long as I can get internet and chat online with my parents and kids I am happy.  Meanwhile I am home babysitting the dogs. 

That is about it from Tennessee for now.  More later.  Have a good day everyone and stay safe.


  1. Easier than a bucket is to get two gallon jugs (we use Arizona Tea because the shape is narrower and taller than milk jugs). Rinse well and store full of water, apply as needed. We started this when boondocking...will work in your situation as well and no spilled water from the bucket!

  2. Ahhh the joys of RV ownership! Have fun at the rally and I hope the toilet gets resolved for you.