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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.  I hope all of you have as great a day as Ira and I.

Kristi, I can't wait for you to get her next week.  We are going to have a great time.  Nick and Fred, kiss those grand kids of mine and you know my love is sent your way.

Things are progressing with the house, we have one inspection tomorrow and a second on Tuesday.  Cross your fingers that all goes well.  I think I finally have the clothing issue solved and the purging done.  Still a little bit to purge and will happen when we are totally finished working and no longer need those clothes.  I wish all this was over so we could just relax and enjoy the countdown to the rest of our lives.  32 days, 23 hours 22 minutes and 51 seconds, but I am not counting at all. 

Today seems to be much warmer that the past few days have been.  Here's to hoping that is a good sign.  I love the hot lazy days of summer.  Somehow it is hard to be in a bad mood when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the smell of newly mowed grass is in the air. 

I talked to my sister yesterday and she has invited us to spend a few days moochdocking in their backyard.  She assures me there is tons of room to get Serenity in and turned around.  Troy and Shayla will love to spend a few days playing with their country cousin and getting reacquainted with the horses and barn cats.  They really love the freedom of being able to run around without being tied up.  After that we will head to Moncton to visit my daughter and parents for a while.  We will be using mom and dads place as a home base to explore Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. 

Dee, it would be great to meet up somewhere this summer while we are in Canada.  Maybe we can make that happen. Isn't the freedom of the full time life wonderful?  The hardest thing for me is going to be to slow down.  I want to do it all tomorrow.  Jim and Linda, I am going to have to use your suggestion of setting a goal for each day and not going any further. 

Now I have to start some researching for a CG in Conn.  Ira wants to revisit the base he was posted to many years ago.  How much do you think it has changed?  We also want to get stickers for the truck so we can take it on any base anywhere across the country.  So until we meet further down the roads stay safe out there and have fun.


  1. I hope we can meet up. We're still on target getting to Smith Falls Ontario by June 28. I'll keep an eye on your blog to see where you are.

    Congrats on getting the house ready. This full time lifestyle is awesome!


  2. Cool . . .it was nice meeting ya'll at the rally . . .and as a result of the rally, meeting all the wonderful folks we did, and the tours . . .Connie has decided that RVing is the life for her. I'm ready already (it's small and moves like a submarine does so I'm already acclimated) . . .and we're targeting spending the days starting Aug 4 paring down and will sell/buy the rig next summer and hit the road.

    The CG bases up in CT . . .some of them have changed significantly over the years but then some of them look absolutely the same they always did. I've found this true of most of the military bases and ports we were stationed at; you just never know until you get there which one you'll get.