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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Livingstone Tx

Howdy from Texas.  We left New Orleans and drove 6 hours to stop here in Livingston, at the Escapees park.  We really couldn't go by without checking the place out. 

The main gate at the base in New Orleans has staggered barricades set up so force you to weave in and out to leave the base.  To us they looked too close together to try and weave through pulling Serenity and we really didn't want to take a chance that we would hit one of them and do some damage to the trailer so we decided to depart the base through the back gate.  No barricades at all.  Simple eh?  Well.........we found out that the gate is only open at specific times and in the morning that specific time is 0630 to 0830.  It means an early departure for us.  We got up  yesterday at 6 AM  (YES there is one of those in the morning too........who knew!!) and finished packing up.  We passed through the gate at 7 AM. 

This is why we never want to leave at that time.

The dogs we soooo stressed..

But we made it and are set up again....

I am always excited to move on to a new spot and see new places but I am also glad to get there and settle again.  They say moving is as stressful as divorce or death in a family and I believe it.  No matter if you packing your belongings and trucking them somewhere or hitching your whole home to your truck and pulling it to your next spot.  The only difference I see is that the latter is much quicker.  At least the stress is only for one day. 

Today is for exploring the area.  Life is good. 

Goodbye from our home in Livingston Texas.  Stay safe out there everyone and hopefully we will meet somewhere down the road.

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