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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hi y'all.  See I can now talk like someone from New Orleans.  We are still enjoying life here.  Friday night we went back to see Bourbon Street by night. 

At dusk they block the street from all traffic and people just wander.  Bar hopping with drink in hand.  It is just a huge party. I even got some beads.  No Debby, I am not going to say how I got them.   If this is what happens on an ordinary weekend I just can't imagine what it is like on Mardi Gras.  But next year we are going to find out.  We are planning to come back next Feb to see for ourselves.  Mom you and Dad better start planning to come with us.  You will love it.

This is the Cathedral of St. Louis by day and by night.  We didn't go inside but did wander through the grounds. 

Something I wanted to post in my last blog but forgot.  On our wanders we noticed that graveyards here are all above ground. 
I was told this was because of the high water table.  When they used to bury the bodies, the high water caused them to just float right out of the graves.  So they started building them up rather than go down.  This incidentally is where the stories of zombies started.

Yesterday we didn't do much of anything.  Housework.  No matter where we park it the housework follows and must be done.  The weather has been very hot.  I am not complaining just stating fact.  For the first time ever we actually have the AC running.  When you go outside the heat hits you like a wall.  And it isn't even summer yet.  I can't imagine what summer would be like here.  I am loving it.

Well that is about all for now from our home in New Orleans.  We move on in a few days and the adventure will continue.

Stay safe everyone and maybe we can meet down the road one day.


  1. New Orleans looks like a fun place to visit! :)

  2. It really is. A lot of fun but interesting too. Add it to your bucket list for sure.