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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It has been a while I know.  My only excuse is that we have been busy and Internet has been scarce.  We are now sitting in El Paso in western Texas.  

We stayed a few days in Livingston Tx.  mostly just to see the place.  It is a huge park but not exactly what we expected.  Many of the lots are owned by individuals who place anything from mobile homes to park models on them.  It was quiet and people were very friendly.  We enjoyed our time there but soon it was time to move on to San Antonio.

We stayed at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio.  I like staying in RV parks on military bases mostly because of the security and the slightly less cost.  Also groceries are so  much less expensive at the commissary.  We are getting very spoiled as every park we have been in so far has had level cement pads and pull through sites.  We stop and drop the jacks without having to do any leveling.  We are set up in a matter of minutes. 

While in San Antonio we visited the Alamo.  I was surprised because I expected something a bit bigger but it was beautiful.  The gardens were shaded which was a welcome relief on a sunny hot day.

After wandering through the exhibits at the Alamo we headed to the Riverwalk.  I have read so much on others blogs of the Riverwalk that I couldn't wait to see if for myself.  I loved it. 

We wandered until our feet hurt then jumped on one of the boats for a tour of the area.  Much of the walkway does not have any sort of railing as it follows the river.  I was wondering if anyone ever falls in while strolling.  The boat captain told us he saw a woman walking and texting.  The walkway took a turn to the left but she didn't.  He said it happens about a half a dozen times a week.  Luckily the water in most places ranges from 3 to 5 feet deep so you just have to stand up and walk out.  Nothing hurt but your pride.

We really enjoyed our afternoon there and went back a few days later for the evening and dinner out.  Since we drastically improved our eating habits about 2 months ago we don't eat out near as much as we used to so going out for dinner was a special treat and the ambiance of the area only added to it.

We left San Antonio yesterday morning heading west.  We planned to stop at a Flying J or Pilot for the night but the driving was so easy we just kept going and arrived at Ft. Bliss RV park around supper time.  They don't take reservations here so it is first come first served.  We got the second last spot.  Again flat level sites paved roads, full hook ups and well kept upscale facilities.  All this for about $12.00 a night.  We are here until next Tuesday.  The temps for the next few days are expected to top 100 degrees so I am thinking the AC is going to get a good workout.

We stopped for a photo somewhere between Ft Stockton and El Paso.  The vast emptiness has a beauty all its own. 

That is about all from our home here in El Paso.  Drive carefully out there and maybe we will meat somewhere down the road. 


  1. The River Walk was as good as we had heard. We didn't have time on our first trip to eat along the river, but we'll be back.

    Currently we are gate guarding about 1-1/2 hours south of San Antonio. Bob is applying for a full-time construction project management job in San Antonio, so we may be living in San Antonio for a while.

    Gate guarding is definitely an adventure! We've been here almost three weeks.

    Enjoy your travels.
    Susan & Bob

  2. I think El Paso is being pretty hot these days or what? The city is not our favorite as they have tons of air pollution and traffic is a killer.
    Stay safe there!