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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunny and hot

Hello all

The weather has just about been perfect here in Florida.  I am just loving the sun and warm weather.  Even though I have a bad case of hitch itch the weather is making staying here these last few weeks easier.  We are not doing much, just hanging around the pool and soaking up the rays.  Of course the crowds at the pool are getting smaller and smaller and people leave to head back north to their summer homes.  There are more and more empty sites in the park everyday.

On the travel plans, we have made reservations at the famcamp at the Naval Air Station in New Orleans for the last week of April.  As much as I am loving the hot weather here and the pool I am getting excited to move on and see new sites.

Safe travels to everyone out there.

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  1. enjoy the rest of your time there...we love NO we were there in March...