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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Orleans La

We are now sitting at the Naval Air Station in New Orleans.  It is a nice area here and except when the jets fly overhead it is very quiet.  There is a very nice fitness club here that we can access.  The only drawback I can see so far is that pool is not open yet for the summer.  I miss the pool. I am really liking it.

Our drive here from Pensacola was for the most part uneventful however we made a mistake that lots of others before us has made.  We blindly followed our GPS and realized the mistake when "Gabby" told us to go 1/2 mile further and board ferry.  Um.......NO!

We were on a narrow 2 lane driveway without any shoulder room.  We had no choice but to continue.  Turning around with a 37 foot 5th wheel was not in the cards.  We also had people behind us.  What if we didn't fit on the ferry?  How big was this ferry?  If we couldn't get on we would have to back out over half a mile to get to a place we could turn around.  Very nervously we continued.  When we got to the boat the attendant had us wait while she boarded the people behind us.  We were then able to stretch out across the bow.  We boarded on the starboard side of the bow and fortunately disembarked on the port side.  We were able to drive straight on the boat and right across the bow and off.  Seeing as the clearance under the deck was only 12'6" we would not have been able to fit if we would have needed to exit from the stern.  We really dodged a bullet there.  From now we preplan our route, especially in cities!!!!  Lesson learned.

We drove around New Orleans today some and explored.  Tomorrow we head to the French Quarter for exploration and maybe some shopping. 

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  1. Ohhhh, we empathize with you. Glad it turned out well.