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Thursday, December 23, 2010

All packed and ready to go

Good evening everyone.  Today was packing day for me.  Tomorrow both Ira and I work until 6 then we are hitting the road north to visit family.  When we come back we will be able to say "we are going full time THIS year".  We spent most of the day getting stuff gathered up and put where we would just have to store it in the truck after work tomorrow.   The only thing I have to remember to pull is the turkey from the freezer.  We don't have room to keep him so he is going with us..........we will cook him up there. 

Lucky for us our dogs are good travellers and really do seem to understand the words "road trip".  When you say those words with a leash in your hand...........well it does get a bit crazy around here for a while. 

We finished our Christmas shopping this morning.  We braved the last minute crowds and got it done.  At least, as done as we are going to do it.  We didn't spend much on Christmas.  We don't see the reason for it.  I would rather get together with family and make that the Christmas present.  I hear ads on the TV telling you that you can use your clear title on your car to get "needed" Christmas cash.  I was thinking .....that is right, hawk the car for Christmas presents.  Take all year to pay it back.  It doesn't make much sense to me.  Christmas should be about family.........not to say presents are a bad thing. If you can afford it by all means buy presents till you drop but don't go into debt doing it.  One of my customers last night was telling me he still owed $200.00 from last year....sad.

I hope the above doesn't sound like a bah-humbug because it was not intended that way.  I would like to see Christmas get away from so much commercialism and become more the holiday that was intended.  There is beauty in this day...... even if you are not Christian.  Go and enjoy your family either in person, by phone or letter.  Cherish them and let them know that you do.

Anyway I plan to spend Christmas with my parents (and yes I realize how lucky I am to still have them) my sister, and my daughter.  My biggest regret is that I will not see my sons and grandchildren.  They are out west and I wont see them until next summer. 

Tomorrow will be very busy at work I am thinking and as we are heading out right after I probably will not get a post done again until after the holiday.  So in that case I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day in what ever way you celebrate it.  Take a few minutes in all the rushing around that you will be doing to just realize your blessings and be thankful that we can take part in this wonderful life.

Good night everyone and for those of you traveling ......drive safely.


  1. Greetings - another couple on verge of cutting loose! Check out our blog and you'll see what I mean. Hope all goes as planned and maybe we'll meet down the road somewhere
    Bob & Vicky

  2. How excited you must be! It's always fun to follow folks who are "escaping." Welcome to the RV blogging world, and may your new lifestyle be even better than you imagine!

    Mike and Sandy

  3. Hello Ira and Vicky. Welcome to the blogging world, I am sure you will do well. We enjoyed reading about you and your family this morning, so we are happy to follow along. Merry Christmas to you and family?


  4. Looks like your blog is off to a great start! :) Have a great trip up to Canada, and a wonderful holiday. I'm looking forward to reading your descriptions of the coming months as you prepare to hit the road. (Have to enjoy the experience vicariously until our turn comes!)